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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

How to transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android – Yes, you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device easily by following the simple steps. If you are using HTC One M8 and the Galaxy S5 then you are lucky to switch your OS from iOS to Android at any time. If you are willing to change then you need to follow some steps and then you need to transfer the data from one OS to other OS like Addresses, Contact Numbers, and much more.

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So if you want to transfer contacts from iOS to Android then you can see any of the methods mentioned below.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

If you have an iCloud Account and Gmail Account then this would help you to transfer the contacts from iPhone to Android.

  • Open the and then save the contacts that you want to transfer to your Android device.
  • If you want to transfer all the contacts then Select All. Now Click on the settings icon and then choose Export vCard then VCF file will download on your iOS device.
  • Now you need to transfer the VCF file from iOS device to Android device. You can transfer by any method like by using Gmail or store the file on the drive or copy the file on the USB device.
  • If you choose Gmail then login to Gmail and then click on Contacts label below the Gmail Icon.
  • Now click on More and Choose Import option and then all the contacts will be synced to your Android devices which this Gmail Account is connected.

So by this way, you can transfer all your contacts to your Android device and then you can easily share the contacts with any device. If you wish to transfer by other methods then you can transfer but make sure you have a safe transfer from iOS to Android device.

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