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How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on iPhone

Who viewed my WhatsApp Profile iPhone – Are you uploading your WhatsApp Profile daily then check who viewed your WhatsApp Profile from your Smartphone. Yes, you can see who has viewed your WhatsApp Profile from your device by using the third party application. If you wish to download the third party application then you can follow the complete guide to know How has viewed your WhatsApp profile from your device.

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Some of us update or add their Profile Picture to show someone indirectly, but you cannot exactly know the person has seen your Profile picture or not from the WhatsApp Application. But as you know that technology can do anything, there is an application called WRevealer which helps you to know who has viewed you WhatsApp Profile Picture. So if you want to know the steps involved in it then read the complete article.

How to see Who has viewed your WhatsApp Profile on iPhone

As I have mentioned you can see Who has viewed your WhatsApp Profile form the third party application. But you need to download the application on your iPhone device. Download and install the WRevealer application on your iPhone and remember that you need to Jailbreak your device before using this app. After installing the WRevealer application, Login your personal account and then open WhatsApp application on your iPhone.

As you open, Click on Contacts > Refresh. Now go to the WRevealer application and then in the search box enter Phone Number / Date/ Time and tap on search. As you tap on search, you can see all the names of the persons who have viewed your WhatsApp Profile.

So by using this WRevealer Application, you can see Who has viewed your WhatsApp Profile Picture from your iOS devices easily.

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