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Does my PC(Computer) have Bluetooth ?

Does my PC(Computer) have Bluetooth – Bluetooth is wireless technology which as caned the technology from wired to wireless totally. Now you can connect to two devices by using the Bluetooth technology and you can insert this technology in any of the smart devices. You can see that nowadays most of the devices come with Bluetooth and it as becomes a compulsory option on every device you buy because of it as that important in it. The Bluetooth option is used in one or the other as to share data, to listen to songs via speakers and much more. Interesting right? So check whether your device as bluetooth option or not.

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Does my Laptop have Bluetooth (How to Know that)?

If you are using Windows Device then you need to follow these steps to check whether your device as a Bluetooth connection or not.

  • Open Windows PC/Laptop and then you need to open the Device Manager.
  • Search for Device Manager and then open it. In Device Manager, you can see many options like Computer, Network Adapters, Display Adapters, and all your Windows PC/laptop options to cane.
  • Now after opening Device Manager, click on Other devices. Now you can see the drivers installed on your Windows PC. If you see yellow mark then your drivers are not installed properly.
  • For Bluetooth, you need to check for Bluetooth Radio Category or else Network Adapters. Click on the option as it will expand and you can see all the Bluetooth options available.

If you are using Mac PC/Laptop then you follow this guide to check whether your Mac PC/laptop as a Bluetooth option or not.

  • Open Mac PC/laptop and then click on the Mac icon which you see at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on it and then click on About This Mac. You can see a new with options but click on More Info.
  • Now click on System Preferences and then you can see Bluetooth option under Internet & Wireless category.

So choose according to your device and then check for the Bluetooth option on your PC/laptop.

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