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Windows 10 Mobile New Build

Windows 10 Mobile New Build 10586.218 Released

Windows 10 Mobile New Build
Windows 10 Mobile New Build 10586.218 Released

Windows 10 Mobile New Build 10586.218 Released,If you have a device that runs on Windows 10 Mobile and you are into the Windows Insider Release Preview ring, then you should know that the Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.218 is already heading to your handset.

This was also confirmed by WinBeta, which confirmed that this cumulative update is also fixing a bug that was causing the app list to not dim the background when closing or opening applications and this was causing the text to be barely visible sometimes. At the same time, the new build comes with many bug fixes.

We’re going to give you an “unofficial” change log about the new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10586.218, but hopefully, soon enough, Microsoft will come with an official change log. Below you can see the “unofficial” change log of the new preview build:

– Stability and performance improvements;– Support for Visual Voicemail on Dual-SIM smartphones;– The connectivity via Bluetooth has been improved and the devices that are connected to your smartphone via this connection type will not disconnect so often as before;– An issue that was causing the audio playback to get interrupted by a music application when the phone display was turned off has been fixed;– Microsoft Edge browser has received some improvements, support for background download and it has received a fix regarding an issue that was causing an webpage to not load when you were trying to open it from another application;– An issue that was causing some application to show blank tiles after upgrading it from Windows 8.1 has been fixed;– A bug that was causing a smartphone (that got upgraded from Windows 8.1) to have connectivity issues with a PC (via USB cable) has been fixed.

So, if you are a member of Windows Insiders, you can go to your mobile device’s Settings->Update & Security->Phone Update and start downloading the Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview build 10586.218.

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