Sunday , May 19 2024



As we all know that xiaomi runs with android Os MIUI which is rom for xiaomi users.Where they can istall different roms on xiaomi.Here Windows has approved to provide windows platform for xiaomi device for the Chinese Xiaomi testers. After Xiaomi agreed to use its Mi 4 smartphone as a test bed for Windows 10, it became pretty clear that we would soon be seeing a Windows 10-powered smartphone from Xiaomi.

Lin bin president of Chinese company  co founder had revealed the teaser of xiaomi mi4 with windows 10 OS. This comes nearly nine months after Microsoft and Xiaomi entered into an agreement to provide support for the Windows 10 Technical Preview on the Mi 4 handset.

Chinese manufacture says the windows 10 rom pack will launch soon in December 2015 for the xiaomi mi4.Where mi4 was the first handset to work with windows 10 OS rom perfectly and soon Xiaomi launchi remi pad 2 which also comes with windows 10. If all goes well, users will no longer be constrained by the Lumia line-up, instead they’ll be able to enjoy Windows 10 Mobile on their preferred Android devices as well.


Chinese testers are already woking for pre devices of Xiaomi so that hey can provide windows 10 rom pack for those devices too.So we have to wait until Xiaomi confirms about.But for mi4 Windows 10 will soon strike in to the handset.Well its intresting that how users react to the new Windows 10 on an Android device

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