Tuesday , January 19 2021


Chromebook Tips | Chromebook Copy & Paste | Chromebook Tricks

How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook – Copying and Pasting can be done by using many ways on your Windows Operating System and similarly you can use such options on Chromebook. You can copy and paste the text by using Keyboard, Touchpad, by using shortcut keys, and much more. Many users …

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How to Password Protect a MS Excel Document

how to put password on excel file | Password Protect | Protect MS Excel

Password Protect a Microsoft Excel Document – Almost Every user who has a Windows or Mac PC/laptop uses Microsoft Excel on their PC or Laptop. Microsoft Excel is used by millions of Consumers, Business Mens, In government Institutions, and also in many other organizations. Also, you are one among them who uses Microsoft Excel …

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How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Windows PC/Laptop

How to connect bluetooth speaker to pc | Bluetooth Speakers Connectivity | Bluetooth Speakers for PC

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Windows PC/Laptop – If you are a Music lover and if you wish to play the sound to the speakers while you Play games, While to listen to music then this article may help you much more. Yes nowadays as the technology as increased, you can connect …

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How to Use Command Prompt to Delete Folder

How to use Command Prompt to Delete Folder | Command Prompt to Delete Folder | Delete Folder

Using Command Prompt to Delete Folder – Deleting the folder is a very easy task for each and every on Windows Operating System. If the folder is of small size then it may take less time to delete. But if the folder as many files in it and it is of …

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How to use WhatsApp Secret Chatting Feature

Whatsapp Secret Chatting | Whatsapp Tricks | Whatsapp Chat | Whatsapp Chatting

WhatsApp Secret Chatting Feature – As you know WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform right now. WhatsApp has billions of actives daily as they Chat, Make Calls Audio and Video, Send Files, Pictures, Videos, Share Location, Share Contacts, and they one or the other thing in the WhatsApp Application. Shockingly, …

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How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on iPhone

who viewed my whatsapp profile iphone | IPhone | Whatsapp | Whatsapp Profile

Who viewed my WhatsApp Profile iPhone – Are you uploading your WhatsApp Profile daily then check who viewed your WhatsApp Profile from your Smartphone. Yes, you can see who has viewed your WhatsApp Profile from your device by using the third party application. If you wish to download the third party …

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How to Empty the Mac’s Trash Securely

How to Empty Trash on Mac | Empty Trash on Mac | Mac Trash | Mac Tips

How to empty Trash on Mac Securely – Many users think that if you put some data in the trash can or in the Recycle Bin then that data will be deleted or removed from your device. But is it not, the which is in the trash can will be on …

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How to Force Shutdown iPhone

How to Force shutdown iPhone | Force Shut down iPhone | iPhone Issues | iPhone Tricks

How to Force Shutdown iPhone – As the technology has increased and we get any type of application to use and complete our work. And also we do most of the work on our mobile devices as you can order food, book a cab, buy any product easily. As we download mobile applications …

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Truecaller Name Search Feature

Many of us don’t know what is the meaning of Truecaller. Let us give an intro on it. This application or domain is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, Truecaller which is used to find the details of contact globally with the help of given name or telephone number, yes …

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