Tuesday , January 19 2021

How to Change Gmail Password on Android Device

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How to change Gmail password on Android Mobile – If you want to change your Password on your Android Device then you need to follow some of the instructions mentioned below. Gmail as made many verification steps in order to reset or cane your password. As Gmail has become the best …

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Why PC (Laptop) Keeps Restarting Automatically ?

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Why my Computer Keeps Restarting – If you are a Windows User then you may observe that sometimes your Windows Computer will restart automatically or random while you work. Don’t panic as it is simply an error or settings that you have put on your Windows Operating. You can solve this error by changing …

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Does my PC(Computer) have Bluetooth ?

does my laptop have bluetooth | does my computer have bluetooth | does my pc have bluetooth

Does my PC(Computer) have Bluetooth – Bluetooth is wireless technology which as caned the technology from wired to wireless totally. Now you can connect to two devices by using the Bluetooth technology and you can insert this technology in any of the smart devices. You can see that nowadays most of the devices …

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How to Update Microsoft Internet Explorer on your computer

how to update internet explorer | Update internet Explorer | Internet Explorer | Computer Tips | Windows Guides

How to update internet explorer – Internet Explorer is an inbuilt search engine available for all the Windows Operating System. Even if you want to download any software and application on your Windows PC/laptop after you buy, you will definitely need to use Internet Explorer. Even some of the Website of government Organization supports …

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How to Block Calls on iPhone – ( Updated )

How to Block Calls on iPhone | iPhone Tricks | how to block Calls | iPhone Tips | How to Guide

How to block calls on iPhone – Fedup with unknown calls on your iPhone? then here is the simple trick to blocks unknown calls or unknown mobile numbers on your iPhone. If you are ready to block the number of your device then follow the steps mentioned below. You can use …

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How to Remote Access a Computer ( Step by Step Guide)

How to Remote Access a Computer | Remote Access Computer | Remote Access PC | How to guides

How to remote access a computer – Yes, you can connect to another computer which is running Windows Operating System through the internet. Make sure that both the devices are connected to the same network or to the internet. Microsoft as given a remote connection option in all the Windows Operating System …

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How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Windows 10 PC/Laptop

Windows 10 | How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to windows 10 | Connect Bluetoth Speaker

How to connect bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 10 – Yes, as this technology as increased more day, many people are trying to use the wireless devices. You can see that Bluetooth technology has made us connect to two devices easily and sare the data from one device to another device easily. …

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How to Delete Gmail Account – A Complete Guide

how to delete gmail account | Gmail Account | Delete Gmail Account | How to Guide

How to delete Gmail account – Gmail is the best email service platform to send emails to anyone who as Gmail account all around the world. Gmail provides free service to everyone as it doesn’t care anyone to send emails to any part of the country. But if you are trying …

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