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How to Delete Gmail Account – A Complete Guide

How to delete Gmail accountGmail is the best email service platform to send emails to anyone who as Gmail account all around the world. Gmail provides free service to everyone as it doesn’t care anyone to send emails to any part of the country. But if you are trying to use another email service to send emails and looking to delete your account from Gmail Application then you need to verify your account and then start the process to delete. If you do not know the exact process to delete your mail Account then you can follow the complete step by step guide mentioned by me.

How to Delete Gmail Account – A Complete Guide

how to delete gmail account | Gmail Account | Delete Gmail Account | How to GuideSo first visit the Gmail official page and then Sign Into your Gmail Personal Account by using your Username and Password. If you forget your password then click on forget the password and then reset it immediately. So after you login to your mail Account.

  • You can see Google Applications Menu on the top right side of the Gmail Interface.
  • Click on it and then select My Account Label. As you click on it you can see options like Sign-in & Security, Personal info & Privacy, and Account Preferences.
  • Now Click on Account Preferences. As you want to delete your Gmail Account, Click on Delete your Account or Services.
  • Now Click on Delete Account & Data. You need to enter your password to verify your account.
  • Enter your password and then click Next. Now you can see an option to Download your Data before deleting your account.
  • Here you can see all the complete detail about your Gmail accounts like Accounts Linked, Drive Data, Gmail Conversations, Photos, and Contacts.
  • If you want to lose all the data related to Gmail then check the boxes and then click on Delete Account label.

As you click on Delete Account, your account will be deleted permanently. So if you have any important data in it then you can click on the Download Data link and save on your PC or Laptop

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