Tuesday , November 24 2020

Internet Tricks

How to Make Your Phone Number Appear as Private Number

Make Your Phone Number Private – Today am going to teach you about how to make your mobile or phone number appear as a private number when you call others. You can see that many times you will get a call from a private number which means that someone has made …

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How to create a shortcut to a Website

How to Create Shortcut to a Website | Website Shortcut | Shortcut to Website | Windows

How to create a shortcut to a website – Almost each of us visit a web page which we use regularly on our PC/Laptop right? If yes, then this article will help you to navigate to that easily from your Desktop itself. You can create a Desktop Shortcut for the Web …

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How to Convert a Web Page to PDF

how to save webpage as pdf | Webpage as PDF

 How to Save Webpage as PDF– Many users want the web pages to save to other device but they take the picture or else they take a screenshot. But by doing this you cannot get the complete web page right? So if you want a complete web page at a glance …

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