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Yu Yutopia review

Yu Yutopia review

Yutopia by YU is the new flagship from Micromax’s YU Televentures. Here’s our review of the Yutopia smartphone.We will look at Yu Yutopia review now.

YU Yutopia Review and Specs
YU Yutopia Review and Specs
Yu Yutopia is the first mid-range smartphone from Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma’s YU Televentures. YU is marketing its flagship as one of the ‘most powerful phones on the planet’, and hasn’t shied away from taking pot-shots at other players like OnePlus 2, Samsung’s S6 series,motorola moto x play and even the Apple iPhone 6s.
5.2-inch WQHD display | Snapdragon 810 processor | 4GB RAM | 32GB storage space (expandable to 64GB) | 21MP rear camera with 4K recording, OIS + 8MP front camera | 3000 mAh battery | CyanogenMod OS 12 on Android 5.1.1 with Around YU series.
This is Yutopia’s first full-metal body smartphone and it looks sleek though at 7.2 mm it’s a bit thick by the standards these days. The camera unit protruding on the back is jarring, but overall I like the way this phone fits into your hand. It’s good that YU didn’t feel the need to slap on a giant screen and has kept the size at a more manageable 5.2 inches.
For a 2K screen, this might seem a bit underwhelming at first sight. However, adding a brighter wallpaper definitely makes a big difference. When watching full HD or even 4K videos on YouTube, the screen really does come alive. It is prone to smudges and in sunlight it is impossible to read anything on the screen, unless you crank up the brightness level to full.

Performance, Software:

For a smartphone with Snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB RAM, there’s a lot expected on the performance front. Yutopia does deliver, but not all the time. On Antutu benchmark tests, the phone scores just below the G4 and in our tests came below all the top flagships for this year.

There were times when the notification bar would not respond, or exiting a game would cause the phone to freeze. The Cyanogen UI experience is definitely not in the same league as say a pure Android, and we’re hoping that software updates will fix these glitches.

Yutopia gets heated up pretty fast but not a problem, and you’re not sure what will cause this. It could be a slightly long gaming session or just a few minutes of usage browsing apps. Hopefully YU can fix this with a software update like it did to some extent for Yuphoria.


The rear camera’s autofocus is fast and it works great if you’re taking close-up shots. However, for a 21MP camera, I’m not entirely happy about the colour reproduction. With colours like bright orange or yellow, the camera struggles.
Yu Yutopia Review
Yutopia Captures Shot.

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