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Trick to Complete Formatting Mobile Phone

Formatting Mobile Phone

Format your mobile phone
Tricks for Formatting Mobile Phone
  • Here is the trick for complete formatting of your virus infected or other problem arriving mobile phone…
    This trick is for almost all Nokia models and also works for other mobiles.
  • Follow the below steps to format your mobile phone.
    1. Switch off your phone.
    2. Remove SIM card & memory chip.
    3. Now press & hold keys – 3,*,call green) .
    4. Then without leaving these three buttons press power button.
    5. Formatting task will be started…
    6. Remember its a very rare trick….
  • Yes its true its call hard format.
    key * , 3 , Call button (green) press and hold when display is on than formatting screen is displayed.
  • Wait for formatting to be finished,

Note :- Before carrying out this process make sure you have copied all your your data,contacts and notes onto your Memory, because every thing will be deleted. When its finished the formatted phone may be like new, just like when you have brought it from showroom.

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