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Open Source Vs Personal Life-Github

Open Source Vs Personal Life at Github


What could motivate open source contributors to contribute more? Surely, some parameters like upvotes, followers, contribution graph or quantitative measure of their works are some of the factors that motivate them to improve their contributional personal life performances.

But the question is: Are open source contributions taking a toll on the personal life of the contributors?

At Smartzworld, today, we decided to turn the pages of open source and look deeper into the personal lives of some of the leading contributors at GitHub.

I was just going through this GitHub forum, and I was shocked, as well as became happier, while going through the comments thread. If you are also a supporter of the open source, I would also advise you to go through the entire thread.

What is Github’s Contribution graph:


Contribution graph is basically a kind of performance parameter which shows how many commits you do per day and what is your longest streak.

I was astonished to see that some of the open source developers or contributors have the longest streak of more than a year including weekends. This means to me that they have never taken a break even for a single day or even went on the vacation.

And, once a contributor starts seeing a streak formation for longer days, they, at any cost, forget not to commit the code before the midnight to continue their streaks.

It might sound geeky or cool with the quality contributions to the open source world but on the personal life front, this practice often harms their personal well-being.

Though we are very much obliged to their works but we also want them to have a well personal life and the above-mentioned forum talks about it very carefully and deeply.

It has been urged to GitHub to remove the contribution graph — let’s see if they can come up with a better solution to it.

What do you think? Shall contribution graph be scraped down from the GitHub for the well-being of the developers? for more info

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