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One Plus X ceramic limited edition

One Plus X ceramic limited edition with new body

One Plus X ceramic limited edition
One Plus X ceramic limited edition with new design

One Plus X ceramic limited edition manufacturers of mobile devices have been using enlarged materials to construct their products, not single-handedly are they more durable now but they are in addition to intended to see augmented and meet the expense of a nicer air to the be adjoining. One Plus X ceramic limited edition chose a quite rare material for the service of a limited edition of their third phone, the OnePlus X. The zirconia ceramic used in this phone requires a enormously complicated process that lasts 25 days, for that marginal note on your own 10,000 units will be made. When the company announced this phone flavor in October, they mentioned that it would be user-available in regions following India and Europe by the decrease of November.


The phone recently launched in India, just as scheduled, and its sold through Amazon for a price of Rs. 22,999 (more or less $346), which is unsurprisingly again the regular Onyx version of the OnePlus X, as this is priced at Rs. 16,999 (regarding $256). Now, the company has communicated through their qualified Google+ account that the limited edition OnePlus X Ceramic will be roomy starting tomorrow, December 10th,  through the companys invite system. Lets remember that those active will compulsion a specific invite that mentions for this limited edition phone as regular One Plus X invites wont agree to you gain one. While we dont know if the phone will become attainable in new regions, the posts seem to look that it will, for that excuse its possible that European users could get your hands on it tomorrow, probably through the companys website. The tally taking place in addition to mentions, Stay tuned for more ways to profit your hands going on the subject of for one!, hence the company is probably preparing a membership contest to put occurring in addition to one of the limited invites.


Lets remember some of the specs of the OnePlus X Ceramic, it has a 5-inch AMOLED screen when Full HD unchangeable, and the phone is powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor taking into account 3 GB of RAM. There are 16 GB of internal storage and theres a tray for dual SIM cards or one SIM card and a Micro SD card to proceed its memory. The main camera has a conclusive of 13 megapixels and theres an 8-megapixel one on front. The phone runs upon Oxygen OS upon depth of Android Lollipop.

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