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Lenovo K4 Note

Lenovo k4 note launching next month

Lenovo k4 note
Lenovo k4 note unveiled in january 2016

Lenovo k4 note,The Lenovo K3 Note has been one of the best-selling smartphones for the Chinese company in India. Along previously the A6000 and its high end specs derivative, the A6000 Plus, the K3 Note is without doubt responsible for turning approaching the fortunes of Lenovo in India and making it one of the largest vendors of LTE-enabled handsets in the country. The K3 Note alone has reportedly sold on severity of one million units within and no-one else four months of its creation in the country. However, the device has been getting a tiny long in the tooth, and that fact hasnt apparently escaped Lenovos attention. So now, the Chinese multinational tech giant is reportedly prepping the establishment of one more mid-range phablet to replace the aging handset. The upcoming device will be predictably called the K4 Note, if reports in the Indian tech media are to be believed.

According to those reports, the Indian arm of Lenovo, when hint to Monday, teased the dawn of a auxiliary smartphone, through a late gathering in report to the companys ascribed account approaching Twitter. The Tweet to hand, Prepare for the arrival of the calculation #KillerNote, and was in the middle of the stylized render of what looks to be a smartphone. The image, which includes the #KILLERNOTE hashtag, furthermore includes a tagline that says, A late buildup Age Dawns. While theres no obvious insinuation to any particular device, Indian technology blog FoneArena claims that insider sources have avowed to them that the device in ask is indeed the neighboring generation mid-range phablet from the company, and will indeed be called the K4 Note. The blog optional appendage claims that the aforementioned insider sources have actually acknowledged a January, 2016 opening date for the upcoming device.

While not much is known roughly the Lenovo K4 Note at this stage, FoneArena says the handset will arrive following a brushed metal frame, which, if genuine, will be a substantial proceed subsequent to again the plastic construct of the current-generation K3 Note. The blog plus claims that the handset will actually feature a fingerprint scanner at the assist, below the rear-facing primary camera, and will arrive bearing in mind Dolby Atmos hermetic, same to the K3 Note. The handset will along with feature either a glass of metallic acknowledge, if the marginal note is to be believed.

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