Wednesday , December 23 2020

Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime is now in India

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime is now in India

Amazon Prime is now in India,which helps the users to get free shipping for anything they order with no price cap.

e-commerce company Amazon is going to be the top most e-commerce website when compared to all others websites with this new option called Amazon prime.

Prime users can access any product with free shipping and fast delivery with no price cap. There will be 30 minutes early access to new deals too.

A free trial period is going now on amazon for 60-days.But all this will cost them Rs 499 per year and Rs 499 is a Rs 500 discount upon list price of Rs 999 per year for the assign support to. At an additional cost Prime users will get morning delivery in the works to 20 cities. Not anything will be eligible for Prime, therefore you will get to see for the Prime logo adjoining products.


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